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Gyms, Studios, Bars & Snugs

These luxurious outdoor structures offer the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, allowing individuals to indulge in their passions while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Our garden rooms provide an idyllic space for socialising and entertaining guests, offering a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere. – or if you’re looking for that secret escape its perfect to get that much needed peace whilst working hard or working out.

With exquisite design, premium materials, and all the necessary amenities, luxury garden gyms, studios, and bar rooms elevate the concept of outdoor living, adding value and refinement to any property.

Garden gym, studio or bar room specifications

A garden studio, bar, and gym rooms are versatile spaces that can be customised to suit various needs. Our luxury garden rooms typically consist of a well-insulated, weatherproof structure equipped with ample natural light, suitable for use as an art/work studio, bar, gym, or even a relaxation area.



We believe that cladding is the main part that makes each room individual and unique to you. We have a vast range of cladding options and we are always open to options.

The most popular style of cladding are James Hardie cladding, cedar or other real woods and our own custom made powder coated aluminium cladding

We generally install metal cladding on the boundary elevations for no maintenance and a low cost. This also allows us to build within a few inches to the boundary.

Minimum of 100mm insulation within the walls, roof and ceiling to reduce the heat transfer in the cold winters and hot summers.
Ground screws are generally used on most garden rooms. They have a low to no environmental impact, low cost and are quick to install. HGR are approved installers of RADIX ground screws. We can also provide concrete bases as an alternative
Because of Hampshire Garden rooms background, knowledge and experience, We will only use Iko Armourplan single ply roofing system which is far more superior than most or all other garden room companies roofing products. We are trained and licensed to purchase and install this product.
Rainwater system
uPVC gutter and downpipe to the rear elevation which drains directly into a water butt or dispersed directly onto the garden surface or soakaway.
Windows and Doors
We have 2 options:
High quality uPVC windows and doors
Powder coated aluminium windows and doors. (these are a must if you choose bifold doors).
Both of the above have a wide range of colours but the most popular are anthracite or black. We highly recommend having at least one opening window within your building to allow for ventilation.

* options may result in a saving or an additional cost


Internally plaster boarded and plastered to give a flawless finish.
All our rooms are painted internally white but we are happy to discuss other colour options.
Laminate flooring is the most popular choice (or vinyl, carpet or tile can also be provided)
All our rooms are fitted with the basics: Fuse board, sockets, downlights etc.
We also have a wide range of extras which make gyms, studios Bars and snugs unique from
Led strip lighting, Zone lighting, Pendants, Soffit lighting, Up and down lights
Maybe upgrade all sockets and switches to nickel or brushed steel for the extra finishing touch.
Heating and cooling
Electric panel heater are the most popular choice, although Smart Aircon (Heats and cools) and Underfloor heating are also becoming very popular
We will also provide an extra service if you want the room fitted out internally.
We can design and build Bars, media walls, feature panels or maybe install integrated speakers, amplifiers, Tvs Plus much more...

Note: we can also provide a quote for customers wishing to complete all or part of the internal finishing

Benefits of garden gyms, bars and studios

Convenience: Having a gym, bar, or studio in your garden provides convenience as you don't have to travel to a separate location. This saves time and makes it easier to incorporate fitness or leisure activities into your daily routine.

Privacy: Garden gyms, bars, and studios offer privacy, allowing you to exercise, socialize, or pursue hobbies without the presence of strangers. This can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, enhancing your overall experience.

Outdoor Experience: Being in a garden setting allows you to enjoy the outdoors while engaging in physical activities. The fresh air and natural surroundings can contribute to a more pleasant and refreshing workout or leisure time.

These benefits make garden gyms, bars, and studios an attractive option for those who value convenience, privacy, and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while pursuing their fitness or leisure goals.

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We're approved installers of radix ground screws, IKO Armourplan single ply membrane, James Hardie cladding products and NICEIC registered electrical contractors.

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