Education Pod in Fareham

We created this special room for Hampshire County Council at Ranville’s infants school to cater to children who require one-on-one attention. Due to the school’s proximity to a naval base, many parents of these children are often away for extended periods. The room was specifically designed to provide additional support and care for these children, as well as a comforting space for children, parents and teachers, offering them respite from the school environment and other children.

Additional works

As part of our package, HGR secured planning permission and building regulations for this construction.

The planning process took longer than anticipated due to Ecology investigations and reports related to disturbance of wildlife. This was due to the location within the school grounds which was considered as an overgrown part of wasteland.

Fortunately, the permission was eventually granted and the construction could commence.The area was cleared and levelled and we provided a safe access path to the entrance of the room.


Education pod / one 2 one room
Cladding style/colour
James Hardie cladding in Evening blue. Powder coated aluminium French doors and 3 full height windows coloured in anthracite.
8m x 4m
Fully decorated, white walls and laminate flooring, Alarm system, Internet, full electrics.
Fareham, Hampshire.
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